ABBRIATA® square balers produce very compressed and squared rectangular bales of straw and hay, easy to transport and store, as well as manually movable.
All of the models are fitted with the highest quality automatic twine knotting devices available on the market.
Because of their lower weight and reduced size, the M60 MINI and M60 SUPER models are especially suitable for use in smaller and/or hard to access areas in combination with low power tractors.
The models M61 EXPORT, M61 EXPORT/170 and M64 MAGNUM, which have greater production capacity, can also be supplied with an automatic wire twister. Simple and reliable, easy and economical to maintain, this wire twister is manufactured directly by ABBRIATA®, a company boasting more than 50 years of manufacturing experience.
The ABBRIATA® M60 MINI square baler, thanks to its smaller dimensions, is ideal for collecting hay in mountainous areas and/or small areas with difficult access.
The M60 MINI is characterized by a chamber with a size of 34x44 cm, a lower weight (approximately 900 kg), maximum pick-up width of 105 cm and total width of the machine in the transport set-up of 160 cm.
Bale tie Twine
Bale chamber (cm) 34*44
Straw bale weight (kg) 13-20
Hay bale weight (kg) 18-28
Bale length (cm) 40-130
Capacity bales/minute 3-9
Plunger strokes/minute 90
Tractor rating for PTO (hp) 20-25
Max. width of the Pick-up (cm) 105
Weight (kg) 900
Overall width (cm) 180
Overall width with the side pick-up wheel mounted behind (cm) 160
Length (cm) 395
Height (cm) 135
Tires 7,00/12 o 195/75-14  165/80-13