• For planting two row of seed 40-50 cm apart on a wide ridge.
  • Laying drip irrigation tapes simultaneously.
  • High efficiency.
  • Ideal for small and medium farms.
  • Ideal for tractors with over 75 hp. 
  • Different cups for planting tubers with different sizes including small, medium and large (red and green).
  • High accuracy in planting and easy adjustment of distances between potato tubers.
  • Suitable for placing fertilizer on side and under the tubers.
Number of rows 2
Rows width (cm) 40-50
Planting distance (cm) 12.5-37
Recommended speed (km/h) 2-4
Tractor power min. (hp) 75
Linkage MOUNTED 3 point
Working rate approx. (ha/h) 0.35
Seed hopper capacity (kg) 450
Fertilizer hopper capacity (liter) 200
Dimensions (cm) 166*190*210
Weight approx. (kg) 690
Dimensions and weight are based on hood-shaped covering.